10 Best Places to Buy a Holiday Home in the UK

Since Covid and the cost of living crisis, UK destinations have seen an increase in people choosing to travel across the country rather than venture overseas.

With this rise in domestic travel, investment in buy-to-lets in holiday homes has surged, with investors' profit margins ever-increasing as more and more choose to explore the UK. 

Whether buying for a holiday home in the UK for an instant staycation, personal enjoyment or an investment, there has never been a better time. 

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Continue reading for the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK. 


Best places to buy a holiday home in the UK


1. Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the largest island in England, located just off the English Channel.

What makes the Isle of Wight a standout destination and one of the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK is its perfect balance between everyday life and beach day-out ventures. 

Residents can enjoy access to a variety of local shops and benefit from well-connected public transportation for daily activities while just a foot away lie picturesque landscapes and beaches.

Popular beaches Shanklin, Sandown, and Ventor are your best choices for a busy day out with amenities like seaside promenades, crazy golf, and much more to keep adults and kids entertained. 

The Isle of Wight also caters to the adventurous type with a plethora of long hikes. Tennyson trail is the island's standout, taking you on a 14-mile walk along the island's west coast.

As Isle of Wight continues to rise in popularity among travellers, it becomes a more attractive prospect for those looking to buy-to-let for a short or long-term investment!

Average house prices: £364,459 (According to Rightmove)

Best locations: Cowes, Shanklin, Ryde and Yarmouth.

A quaint street in Cowes, Isle of Wight, with a row of charming townhouses painted in pastel hues, their facades with sash windows and panelled doors, as pedestrians walk in the distance under a partly cloudy sky


2. Beverley, Yorkshire

Beverley is a quaint market town, with long standing medieval and modern history roots displayed through its well-preserved architecture, markets and heritage. Its welcoming community makes all holiday-goers or those passing by feel welcome.

If you are planning to invest in a property to let on Airbnb or other services, then Beverley is a brilliant option.

The location is popular among people travelling for weekend breaks, especially for the famous 'Beverley Saturday Market,' where various local traders sell plenty of fresh foods and other items.

The best areas to buy a holiday home are near Beverley Westwood and River Hull because the picturesque countryside and hiking trails are just by your doorstep.

Beverley is also only a short while from Hull and York, making it a desirable place among travellers or residents to use as a hub. 

Average house prices: £280,845 (According to Rightmove)

Best locations: Beverley Town Centre, Westwood Pasture, Molescroft.

A pathway in Beverley, Yorkshire, flanked by brick townhouses with white windows and a green hedgerow, with a wooden bench under the canopy of mature trees on a bright, sunny day.


3. Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire

Bourton-on-the-water is a historic village celebrated for its beautiful architecture and the River Windrush that meanders through it, earning its nickname as the "Venice of the Cotswolds".  

As expected, Bourton-on-the water features the honey-coloured stone houses that epitomise the traditional Cotswolds feel. This style has become a phenomenon on social media for those who want to see the quintessential side of England. 

Bourton-on-Water has several tourist attractions to keep people busy, like its very own Model Village. This museum showcases an exact replica of Bourton-on-the-Water in miniature—precisely one-ninth of the village's scale.

Alongside the typical Cotswold aesthetic and attractions, the village is well-connected to the larger towns and cities in the region, with towns like Cheltenham only a 30-minute drive. 

With its proximity, residents of these towns and cities frequently travel here for a holiday or stay at the village as a base to explore more of the Cotswold region. All that being said, it's by far one of the best places to buy to let in the uk. 

Average house prices: £371,293 (According to Rightmove) 

Best areas for a holiday home: Riverside Windrush, Village Centre and Lower Slaughter.

A row of traditional Cotswold stone cottages in Bourton-on-the-Water, featuring steep gabled roofs and charming wooden doors, lining a quiet village street under an overcast sky with a bare tree in the foreground


4. Whitstable, Kent

Whitstable is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK. With its sandy beaches and coastal feel, many tourists head to the north coast of Kent in search of a beach getaway.

The town is renowned for its seafood cuisine, hosting the famous annual Whitstable Oyster Festival. This usually occurs mid-september, so during this period, you can expect a larger number of fishing enthusiasts travelling over for a short stay.

Moreover, the location is great for those looking to get a buy-to-let mortgage. With its location on the coast, it attracts high demand for accommodation during the summer, which many lenders regard as a profitable investment.

Average house prices: £463,704 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Whitstable Town Centre, Harbour Street and Tankerton.

The pebbled shore of Whitstable Harbour under a clear sky, with calm sea waters meeting the horizon and traditional seaside houses visible in the distance, capturing the tranquil essence of a coastal town.


5. Cromer, Norfolk

Cromer is a town located on the picturesque Norfolk coast, full of seaside charm and Victorian ambience. 

Like Whitstable, Cromer has plenty of day activities to keep tourists busy. Its pier features traditional seaside entertainment and attractions like the Pavilion Theatre.

On top of that, it has some lovely long beaches with an abundance of traditional seaside cafes and restaurants that sell your classic fish and chips to sweet pastries. 

For investors, properties in Cromer are mostly located at the harbour or just a foot away from the coast. They are high in demand as rentals, especially in the summer. 

Cromer is also one of the closest seaside destinations to residents in the Norfolk region, with cities like Norwich just a one-hour drive away. This makes it popular choice for locals to head there for a beach holiday - increasing the rental market.

Average house prices: £294,339 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Town centre and Runton Road.

People strolling on the sandy shores of Cromer beach, with the town's houses perched above the coastline, and colourful bunting in the foreground giving a touch of seaside celebration.


6. St. Ives, Cornwall

St Ives is a seaside town located in the southern region of Cornwall and a renowned destination to travel to in the UK. 

The Cornwall region, just like the Cotswolds, has exploded exponentially on social media, increasing the number of visitors coming its way. With St Ives in a central location to explore the vast countryside of Cornwall, many use the town as a base and allocate time in their itinerary to also explore the attractions of the town itself.

What attracts people to St Ives is its location right on the shore, opening up the door to experience outdoor activities like surfing or kayaking.

The town also has a thriving art scene and has earned its nickname as the "Artists Paradise". St Ives's art scene has become a phenomenon with art enthusiasts across the UK, with many staying in the town to visit museums like the famous Tate St Ives art gallery. 

Alongside its art, St Ives keeps its community alive, hosting cultural events and festivals, including the St. Ives Food and Drink Festival and St.Ives Literature Festival. This keeps tourism alive within the town, benefiting buy-to-let investors. 

Furthermore, Cornwall is one of the most expensive parts of the UK to visit, with St Ives being one of its prime destinations. This could be a good prospect for a buy-to-let holiday home. While the initial investment could be hefty, more income from rent can be made, with demand still rising for rental stays. 

Average house prices: £499,187 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Town centre, Downalong, The Warren.



7. Tenby, Wales

Tenby is an excellent place to buy a holiday home in the UK. With its picturesque coastal aesthetic and medieval features, it has become a well-known destination nationwide for those looking for a seaside weekend or week away. 

Throughout the year, the community thrives, hosting a range of festivals and events, including the Tenby Arts Festival and Tenby Blues Festival which brings in a lot of tourism from many parts of the UK. 

In addition to its community and events, Tenby boasts a large surrounding space of greenery to hike, particularly in the Pembrokeshire Coast or National Park and despite being perched along the coast, the town is easily accessible by train and car from various parts of the UK. 

Tenby has been ever-increasing in the holiday home rental market. A recent report by 'Tenby Today' stated that over 25% of properties in the town are second homes or holiday lets - showcasing the area's increasing trend of good investment as a short and long-term proposition. 

Alongside Tenby, the nearby Pembrokeshire county has many times been listed in the top places to buy a holiday home in the UK. Therefore, purchasing a holiday home in Tenby is a brilliant choice, both as a getaway and  investment. 

Average house prices: £291,427 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Town centre, The Croft, Penally.

A stroll down a sloping street in Tenby reveals rows of cheerful pastel-coloured houses, catching the warm glow of a quiet afternoon, with a couple casually walking and enjoying the quaint town vibe.


8. Llandudno, North Wales

Llandudno is a seaside town located in North Wales, nestled between the Great Orme and Little Orme headlands.

What attracts tourists to Llandudno is its Victorian ambiance, featured in its well-preserved 19th-century architecture with its hotels, guest houses, and pier. This has grabbed a few of the headlines in the last few years.

The pier is an entertainment fest, open all year round from morning to night. It has a huge range of fun activities to keep the family and children busy, including an arcade, Ferris Wheel, kids' funfair rides and live music at night.

Llandudno also acts as a brilliant base to explore the vast range of castles in Wales like Conwy or Caernarfon. In addition, there are many brilliant hikes in the Great Orme or for a relaxing day out, local beaches like the North Shore Beach can keep you relaxed.

Moreover, the attraction of Llandudno is ever-increasing, and it's no wonder it is one of the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK. 

Whether that is for getaway or a buy-to-let property, you can be rest assured that tourist figures will keep increasing as the word about the town gets out. 

Average house prices: £229,136 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Town centre, The Promenade, Craig-y-Don.

A bustling promenade in Llandudno framed by elegant white buildings, with the Great Orme hill lounging in the background, and a splash of colourful houses clinging to the hillside making for a picture-perfect scene.


9. Windermere, Lake District

The Lake District frequently makes the list as one of the top spots for popular holiday destinations in the UK, with no area bigger or more visited place in the region than Lake Windermere.

Lake Windermere is huge, spanning over 10.5 miles and stretching across towns like Ambleside and Bowness-on-Windermere.

Towns in the area, like Bowness-on-Windermere, grab the headlines, visited by tourists from across the globe because of its close ties with author Beatrix Potter. Inside the town is The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction, an exhibition that celebrates the 23 tales from Beatrix Potter through an immersive experience.

Alongside the attractions in the area, there are many quaint shops and cafes lining the street. Nearby hikes are just a footstep away, and visitors can also explore the lake more with a boat tour, hosted by local boat agencies.

Whether it is a cottage, apartment, or lake resort, investing in a holiday let in Windermere is a huge opportunity for high rental income, especially in the summer when rentals skyrocket. Summer by far remains the busiest time to visit the Lake District.

This would be a great investment for a buy-to-let, using your holiday home as a summer rental and doubling the rental prices to match demand.

Average house prices: £540,746 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Windermere Town, Ellerthwaite, Lake Road.



10. Haworth, West Yorkshire

Haworth, set in the picturesque countryside of West Yorkshire, has quickly grown as a renowned cultural destination in the UK, from its connection with the famous literary sisters, the Brontës.

The village itself has retained its 19th-century feel with its old-fashioned shops and cobblestone streets. Alongside these establishments is the village's main attraction, the Brontë House, where the sisters grew up.

Much of Haworth itself feels like a giant open exhibition that celebrates the sisters, which has built intrigue across the globe. Establishments dotted around the village pay tribute to their works, naming themselves after a novel or related to one. For example, the Villette café inside Haworth is named after the Charlotte Brontë novel.

This increases the attraction of the village, and projects its image, with tourists intrigued to visit because of this notion.

As their works become more popular in modern society, driven by biopics and adaptations, tourism will continue to skyrocket, as will property prices - making Haworth a profitable investment area for a buy-to-let holiday home or for general investment.

Of course, there are amazing things to do in the Haworth area outside the Brontë fanaticism, including hikes on Haworth Moor or the Pennine Way, with lots of lush green landscapes to hike. This increases rental demand even away from its significance in literature.

Average houses prices: £210,000 (According to Rightmove)

Best areas for a holiday home: Haworth Village Centre, Heathcliff Mews and Mytholmes. 

A cozy corner in Haworth, with a quaint café named Emma's sits beside a shop named 'The Cabinet of Curiosities,' all set in charming stone buildings and invites a closer look on a cobblestone street.



Choosing the best place to buy a holiday home in the UK can be difficult, with so many area and factors to to consider. 

We hope this guide can help you make the most informed decision for your investment or personal retreat.

Whether it's purchasing a holiday home in the cultural town of Haworth or in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Bourton-on-the-Water, these destinations not only provide a brilliant holiday getaway for you but can also offer lucrative investment opportunities for those interested in the holiday to let market. 

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