Switching your existing mortgage deal

If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end or has already ended, you could be eligible to switch to a new product. Switching with us is easy, you can make the decision to switch without receiving advice. This is also known as Execution Only.

Benefits of switching your mortgage deal

Dedicated rates

When it's time to switch, we've got mortgage rates just for our existing mortgage customers.

You don't need a solicitor

Switch your rate with us and you won't need a solicitor, but you will if you move lender

No credit check or full application*

We don't need to check your eligibility or credit rating.

Choose your rate in advance

Select your mortgage rate up to 180 days before your current rate comes to an end, without paying an early repayment charge.

* What to check before switching

You can switch your mortgage with us if:

  • Your mortgage isn’t in arrears
  • You have more than 12 months left on your mortgage term at the time your switch is due

Are you eligible to switch?

You are eligible to switch your mortgage with us if:

  • your mortgage product has ended or is coming to an end in the next 3 months
  • you're currently on our Standard Variable Rate mortgage
  • you have a Discount for Term mortgage where your Early Repayment Charge has ended
  • you have a Self Build Mortgage and the build is completed

Step 1: Get ready to switch

We'll send you reminders when your rate is due to end. You could choose a new deal up to 3 months ahead, or switch at any time subject to any early repayment changes.

Step 2: Choose a rate

Depending on what type of mortgage it is that you're currently on, you can take a look at the latest rates available for our existing mortgage customers.

You'll find a selection available to you, based on your mortgage type and property value. Then, choose which one you would like to switch to. If you are unsure that any of these mortgages are right for you and you would prefer to discuss your requirements, you can speak to your mortgage advisor or call us and we can put you in touch with someone that can help.

Mortgage Product Switch Guide

Step 3: Renew your rate

When you've chosen your new mortgage interest rate, contact our Mortgage Servicing Team to discuss switching to your new deal!

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