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We have temporarily withdrawn all mortgage products available on our website.

Due to high demand for our specialist mortgage offering, we have received an unprecedented volume of mortgage applications. This high volume of applications has impacted our service levels, which our dedicated intermediary Support Team have been working to reduce.

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We value our ability to offer mortgages in a range of specialist areas, offering a flexible and human approach to lending.

Please note that we increased our SVR rate by 0.75% on the 1st July for new applications.

Our SVR rate for residential mortgages increased to 5.74%, and our buy-to-let, holiday let and self-build SVR rate increased to 6.24%.

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We value our ability to offer mortgages in a range of specialist areas, offering a flexible and human approach to lending.

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Can the customer add fees to the loan above the LTV limit?

No, LTV limits are inclusive of any fees.

How do I amend details on a submitted DIP?

If the case status is a DIP refer, you will not be able to make amendments until an underwriter has reviewed the case and provided a decision.

If the case status is 'DIP accept' or 'DIP KFI produced', you will be able to access the case on the portal and click 'edit submitted DIP.'

How do I change the foreign currency loan?

Where all or part of an applicant’s income derives from foreign currency, this will need to be stated when submitting the case via our online portal.

In the ‘Loan Details’ section of the DIP process you will be asked ‘Is the basis for paying this loan in a currency other than GBP?’ to which you must select ‘yes’.

Once you have selected this, you will be presented with a drop-down of foreign currencies to select from. If you require further support, please contact our BDM team. 

How do I request a DIP certificate?

Please email the mortgage sales mailbox at [email protected] and one of our team will respond to your request.


What income is used for self-employed applicants?

The Society will use the income shown in the Accounts or Accountant’s letter.

If profit has increased by more than 25% in the last 12 months an average of the last 3 years’ net profits will ordinarily be used. It will be permissible to use the latest figures where there has been more than a 25% rise if a satisfactory explanation can be given and the Underwriter is satisfied that the increase is sustainable.

For a Director who owns more than 25% of a limited company, we will use the remuneration for the Director plus their share of regular dividends based on an examination of dividends paid in the last 3 years.

Please note we accept SA302's or, Tax Calculations with corresponding Tax Overviews as proof of income.

I've looked at the checklists and I'm not sure why I need to provide certain documents?

Please ignore the checklist items on the portal and refer to the emails from our team for outstanding items. The checklist functionality is not used. 

What documents need to be certified and who can certify them?

We ask that identification (name and address) is certified by the broker. Other documents do not need to be certified unless we have specifically requested this.