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Our branches feature at least one of the following:

  • Counter position at a lower level;
  • Ground floor interview room accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Branch layouts and signage have been considered, making use of contrasting colours to help partially sighted members find their way.
  • We also provide internal ramps at branches which feature split levels.
  • Hearing induction loops are provided in all our branches, for the benefit of members with hearing impairments. The majority of our branches have loops installed at the counter or at the enquiries desk.

We can also provide:

  • Large print statements;
  • Braille statements;
  • A correspondence service that allows us to send letters in Braille or large print.
  • Large print leaflets and audio tape leaflets are also available - please contact your branch for further details. Our staff will be happy to talk through the leaflets with you.
  • An interpreting service to assist where a customer is unable to speak/understand English.

You can also use the fax to contact your branch. Some instructions may not be acceptable by fax however and may require you to contact your branch in writing.

Setting up your browser

You may be able to set up your browser to give you greater flexibility if you have specific needs. Try using the guidance below:

Please note that they won't affect images on the screen.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you have difficulty reading any text on screen, you can quickly and easily resize:

  • on the View menu, choose Text Size
  • increase or decrease to suite your needs

To permanently apply font and colour changes:

  • on the View / Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • on the General tab, select Accessibility
  • click the three boxes to show ticks

Changing the default font:

Using a sans serif font (such as Arial), rather than a serif font (such as Times New Roman) can make text easier to read.

  • on the View / Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • on the General tab, click Fonts
  • in the Proportional and Fixed-width font lists, select the fonts you would like to use

Changing text and background colour:

Website authors and designers often specify particular fonts, typefaces and background colours for their pages, and the combinations can sometimes make the text difficult to read. You can override these settings by choosing your own preferred, clearer colour scheme - black text on a yellow background gives the most contrast:

  • on the View / Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • on the General tab, click Colors
  • click on the tick box labelled Use Windows Colors
  • click Text, and select the colour you want. Click OK
  • click Background, and select the colour you want to use. Click OK

To hide images on web pages:

  • on the View / Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • on the Advanced tab, scroll down to Multimedia
  • click on Show pictures to remove the tick
  • click on Apply, and then click on OK

To change the size of the window:

  • click Full Screen on the toolbar

There are more options to make websites easier to read, such as removing animation and expanding text. To look at the other options

  • on the View / Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • select the Advanced tab
  • choose the options you would like


Firefox offers a number of accessibility options similar to Internet Explorer. In addition, Firefox lets you resize text beyond the 2-up, 2-down steps that Internet Explorer offers (making it a better choice of browser if you are visually impaired).

To change font size:

  • go to View Menu
  • choose Text Size and select Increase or Decrease

To stop images loading:

  • go to Tools > Options
  • select the Content tab
  • uncheck Load Images

Have we missed something?

If you have any suggestions for improving our service to you please contact us as follows:

Website suggestions: