DIP to Offer Process

As a valued partner we want to make sure your application submission is as smooth as possible. Our DIP to offer process shows you the six key stages of an application with us.

Submit your DIP

Don't forget to key in the applicant's expenditure details into the system.

Within 3 Working Days

You will recieve feedback from an underwriter with decisions or questions.

DIP Accepted

A list of packaging requirements will be sent to you.

Submit Full App

You must include all elements from the DIP Accept list. You will then need to pay the fees via the online portal.

App Assessed

An underwriter will assess the final application and will be in contact with you if they have any final questions or require any additional information.

App Accepted

Following the acceptance of your application, a valuation will be instructed, assessed and then an offer can be made.

Don't forget
  • To key in the applicant's expenditure details into the system
  • Our Application Packaging Requirements
  • A Solicitor needs to be selected through:
    • LMS referral
    • Client's own representative (can apply to go on panel)
    • Separate representative
  • Offer docs are uploaded to Solicitor's portal and copies sent to applicant in post (broker will receive a copy by email)

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