How to pay into an account

To pay into either your savings or mortgage account with us, you will need the Dudley Building Society bank account details. Depending on what type of account you hold, please see the details below.

How to check a payment has been received

The quickest and easiest way to check whether a payment has been received into your account is by checking via our Online Service, where you can see all your latest transactions, whenever suits you.

If you aren't yet registered, visit our Online Service page to find out how.

Alternatively, you can contact us and speak to an adviser over the phone who will be able confirm receipt of a payment.

Or you can visit your local branch, who will be able to update your savings passbook with the latest transactions.

Can I pay my mortgage without visiting a branch?

There are several ways to pay your monthly mortgage repayments:

  • Pay your monthly mortgage by Faster Payment or bank transfer from another bank or building society. To pay your mortgage from another bank/building society, please quote the following bank details:

Sort code 60-83-18

Account number 10001008

Please ensure you always include your Society roll reference number when making a transaction. The 'roll reference number' is your mortgage account number.

  • You can set up a direct debit to pay your monthly mortgage repayment by calling our Mortgage Servicing Team or by downloading and completing a direct debit mandate form
  • You can pay your mortgage by cheque. Please make the cheque payable to yourself and write your name, address and roll reference number on the back of each cheque and post it to our Principal Office or to one of our branches
  • You can make debit card payments by calling our Mortgage Servicing Team on 01384 231414 and select option 2. Please note that we do not accept credit card payments
Why aren't Society account details validating when I make a payment from an external account?

When making an online payment from another bank or building society you might encounter a warning message that suggests you are unable to validate Dudley Building Society account details.

This is because the matching service can currently only complete this check where a customer’s account can be identified from the sort code and account number. However, we use a Head Office Collection account and then assign payments received to individual accounts, rather than the payment going directly to individual accounts. Therefore, the check will never validate in this instance.

Please be assured, there is no need to worry about this error message. Providing you have ensured that the account details entered are correct, and that your correct roll number/account number is included within the reference, the payment will make it to us regardless of the warning.


If you are registered for our Online Service, you can check to see whether your payment has been received (please allow 24 hours). Or you can register here.

If you have any other concerns or queries, please contact us.

We're now registered for Confirmation of Payee!

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a name checking service which helps provide assurance that electronic payments are being sent to the personal or business account you intend them for. It has been designed to help avoid accidental, misdirected payments being sent to the wrong accounts, as well as providing an additional layer of protection in the fight against fraud and scams. 

To find out more about Confirmation of Payee, what it means for your Dudley Building Society account or to opt out of it, visit our webpage by clicking the button below.

Confirmation of Payee
Confirmation of Payee