Our Approach to Mortgages
  • Applications across England and Wales – We pride ourselves on serving our local community, but this does not mean that we are restricted to the West Midlands. We will accept applications across the whole of England and Wales
  • No minimum income – There is no minimum income across our entire product range. However, for Buy-To-Let or Holiday Let mortgages we need to understand that there is enough income to cover any rental voids
  • Multiple income streams accepted per applicant – We accept the following forms of income and more than one can be used per applicant; employed, self-employed, contractors, pension, trust, investment, benefits, foster income
  • No credit score – We do not assess an applicant solely based on their credit score, instead performing credit searches of our own to understand an applicant's credit history
  • Gifted deposits/equity accepted – We will accept gifted deposits from both family and non-family members
  • Capital raising – We can accept applications where the borrower wants to raise funds for a range of purposes including; onwards purchase of a residential or BTL property, home improvements, business ventures and repayment of tax bills
  • Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor – We can also consider Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgages, with a minimum of a 20% deposit required
Manual underwriting

We are dedicated to serving underserved mortgage borrowers, so we have a team of experienced underwriters who manually underwrite mortgage cases. This allows us to make decisions with a human touch, rather than an automated response.

This flexible approach allows us to power the lives of borrowers who may have otherwise been unable to get a mortgage.

Helping you achieve your homeowner dreams

In order to ensure you get the mortgage that is right for you, we pass on any mortgage enquiries to our trusted and reliable partner, Concept Financial Services, who can provide you with comprehensive advice and help you on your journey to getting a mortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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A few of our specialist lending areas

Lending In and Into retirement

We cater for a wide range of ages, including those who are in or approaching retirement.

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We’re aware of how difficult it can be for the self-employed to get a mortgage, which is why we will consider applicants with as little as one year's accounts.

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We are proud to provide mortgages to Ex-Pats who face difficulties securing mortgages on properties in the UK.

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We provide real options for people that are seeking finance for their custom and self-build projects.

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Holiday Lets

With more people looking to holiday locally, we can help you purchase your first holiday let property or support a remortgage on your current one.

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