What do we do?

At Dudley Building Society, we understand that mortgage terms can extend into retirement for a lot of people. So, we offer mortgages that allow borrowers to extend their term into their retirement. 

Our manual mortgage underwriting processes mean that we can offer a flexible approach, taking each borrower's specific circumstances into account.

Our Product Criteria
  • We allow lending into retirement for residential mortgages, providing the borrower will be working for the first 10 years of the mortgage term
  • We consider earned income past state retirement age, providing the role is of a non manual nature
  • If the borrower is already in retirement, we currently only consider Buy-to-Let, Holiday Let or Self-Build mortgages
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If you are looking to take out a mortgage with a term that goes into retirement, you can make an enquiry which we will pass onto our trusted partner, Homebuyers Helpline.

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