What does your membership mean to you?
What does your membership mean to you?

Our members' needs are at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about offering a great customer experience.

We are keen to learn more about what membership means to our members so that we can continue to improve the services that we offer.

What membership means to Councillor Anne Millward

Hear Councillor Anne Millward, Mayor of Dudley for 2021-2022, explain what membership means to her after 40 years with the Society.

Councillor Anne Millward explains how our Customer Service Advisors were able to help her in difficult times, as well as how important their personal touch is to her.

Just like the Society, she is passionate about improving savings habits and the financial wellbeing of the community, especially for young people. She also explains how Dudley is dedicated to supporting and being part of the local community. 

Take a look at the full Q&A session below.

What other members had to say

When asked what their membership means to them, we received the below responses from our members. 


My grandparents opened my account when I was born and used it as a savings account. I was given the account when I was 18. I used the money to buy my first rental property. I now own 6 rentals, so without Dudley Building Society, and my grandparents, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.

Member for 34 years


Membership is important to me as it is enabling me to save for my son's future. His generation are going to find it even harder to do the things that my generation have done or are trying to do (buy a house, go to University etc) so that is why it is important to me.

Member for 6 months


The Dudley Building Society took the time and trouble to look at our situation in detail and agreed a 20 year repayment mortgage that allowed us to retain our home and provided a huge relief. Dealing with the Dudley is a joy. We value our Dudley Building Society membership very highly.

Member for 6 years

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