What do we do?

We offer shared ownership mortgages to borrowers in order to help them achieve their homeowner aspirations, no matter what their circumstances are.

What is a shared ownership mortgage?

Shared ownership mortgages gives borrowers, such as first time buyers, the opportunity to purchase a share in a property. The remaining share is then held by a local authority or housing association. The buyer pays a mortgage on the share they own and rent on the remaining share.

Because the buyer only needs a mortgage for the share they are purchasing, the amount of deposit required is lower than it would be for the full cost of a property. It is possible to increase the share a buyer owns over time, and this is called staircasing.

Our Product Criteria
  • We would require a minimum 10% deposit of the share
  • Available for purchase, remortgage and further advance
  • Maximum loan size of £1,000,000
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