Why brokers work with us

Why brokers work with us

We value our ability to offer mortgages in a range of specialist areas. We offer a flexible and human approach to lending. All our lending is manually underwritten which allows us to be flexible and to take a view on the most complex cases, often lending where others cannot.

This diagram represents the key areas where we can offer support.


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We offer a range of products and have linked some of our most popular in the blog below along with how you can place business with us and contact our friendly team.


The Society offers Ex-Pat mortgages to UK citizens living abroad. We pride ourselves on our flexibility around minimum income requirements and we do not require applicants to work for a multi-national company. We accept applications from a wide range of countries and in over 160 currencies. 

Follow this link to see our Expat products.

Holiday lets

As demand for Holiday Let mortgages continues to increase, we are dedicated to helping your clients achieve their aspirations. 

We are here to help, whether your client is a first time landlord purchasing a property with unusual construction, or they are struggling to meet affordability when their holiday let income isn't taken into account.

Our Holiday Let mortgage offering provides solutions for applicants with more complex circumstances. Our range of unique criteria has been designed to help you to overcome hurdles that other lenders may have put in place.

Complex Lending including JBSP

We have seen a big increase in the number of enquiries for JBSP mortgages recently and also a rising number of enquiries where applicants are asking about Maximum Age at End of Term.

Follow this link to find out more about JBSP mortgages including a case study where both of these requirements were necessary.

Buy to Let

Follow this link to see our BTL and full product range.

About us

We are a broker friendly lender and we would love to hear from you. Follow the links to find out more:

Find out more about our Intermediary mortgage product range.

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