Celebrating 5 decades of service

After nearly 50 years of dedication, Mrs. Jackie Quinton, one of Dudley Building Society's longest-serving employees, is retiring, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional service and community impact.

Joining the team in a time where all transactions were hand-written, Mrs. Quinton became a familiar face, offering support and guidance to generations of customers. Her dedication went beyond banking transactions, providing a reassuring presence during challenging times.

Reflecting on her journey with the Society, Mrs. Quinton shared, "It's been an incredible experience witnessing the community and the Society grow and evolve. The relationships I've built with our customers are stories of shared dreams and accomplishments. Throughout my time with the Society, I witnessed six Chief Executive Officers and the shift towards digitalisation, and I have made many cherished memories."

Dudley Building Society acknowledges Mrs. Quinton's outstanding contribution, emphasising the supportive environment fostered by the Society, acknowledging the commitment to both employees and the communities they serve. Lorraine Breese-Price, Chief Customer Officer, who was trained at the start of her career by Mrs. Jackie Quinton, expressed gratitude, adding: "Her legacy will inspire us to maintain the high standards she set throughout her remarkable career."

As Mrs. Quinton begins a well-deserved retirement, the Dudley Building Society community expresses deep appreciation for her service and wishes her joy in the next chapter of life. Her impact will endure, a testament to the enduring spirit of community and service.