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Dudley Building Society Guide to Savings

Notice to Savers: New savers, who are opening a savings account for the first time, must open the account in person at a branch or agency of Dudley Building Society. This does not apply to existing Dudley Building Society savers or to customers wishing to open the Two Year Fixed Rate Bond. We will always do our utmost to be able to open accounts without appointments, but there could possibly be occasions where making an appointment is necessary.

Longer term savings

Two Year Fixed Rate Bond

This Two Year Fixed Rate Bond is a great way to watch your savings grow over two years. Open your Two Year Fixed Rate Bond with a one off minimum deposit of £5,000 and enjoy the rewards as your interest gets paid into a different Dudley Building Society account or an alternative bank or building society.     More information >

Tax free savings

Cash NISA - Issue 3

This flexible NISA provides instant access to your savings for when you need your money. Open a Cash NISA with a minimum of £100 and enjoy the convenience of being able to withdraw up to £500 cash at anytime. More information >

Cash NISA 30

Open your 30 day notice account for your Cash NISA with a minimum of £100, and start saving for that rainy day. We accept transfer in to this account. More information >

Less is more

One Year Regular Saver 2

For regular savers who are prepared to let their investment grow for 12 months – save up to £250 per month and enjoy a great rate with our One Year Regular Saver 2 account - You don’t even have to pay into it every month – so you can enjoy flexibility too. More information >

Young savers

Junior Easy Saver

A great way for under-16s to save for the things they dream of. Open an account with just £10 and save up to £150 every month for a year – and earn a great rate. You don’t even have to pay into it every month – so you can enjoy flexibility too. More information >

First Account

From birth to 16 years of age, you are never too young to start saving for the future. Whether it’s for a shiny new bike or a family day out, rest assured your investment is safe with us. As a young saver, you can have unlimited, instant access to your money – whenever you like! More Information >

Cash Junior ISA

The Cash Junior ISA is suitable for anyone wanting to take advantage of a tax efficient way to save for your child's future. More Information >

Save, share, care

Save and Sponsor - Supporting Mary Stevens Hospice

For our conscientious savers, our Save and Sponsor account is perfect. We will donate 0.25% of an average month end balance to our local Hospice. Seven days notice is required to withdraw funds and savers should invest a minimum of £500 to open a Save and Sponsor account. More information >

Speedway Saver

A savings accounts which makes an annual donation to the Cradley Heathens Speedway team - based on the amount you save. More information >

Instant access

Instant Tracker Savings

A flexible, penalty free instant access account designed to help you manage your money easily and conveniently.  You can invest any amount from £50 up to a maximum of £500,000. More information >

Stay longer, save more

Saver 75

A 75 day notice account for balances of £1,000 and above, you will benefit from increasing interest rates as your savings rise above £5,000, £10,000, £25,000 and £50,000. More information >

Corporate savers - make saving your business

Take a look at our savings account for corporate bodies

Deposit Tracker

The Deposit Tracker offers businesses a penalty free instant access  account designed to help manage funds more easily.   More information >

Savings documentation

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Customer Forum

We strongly believe that our business is based around the members it serves and to continue to ensure this we are setting up a Member’s Forum.

We are therefore looking for volunteers to meet three times a year to support us