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Supporting you through Coronavirus (Covid-19)

With Coronavirus continuing to rule the headlines, we want to reassure you that we are here for you during this difficult time. Whether you are concerned about the accounts you hold with us, your monthly mortgage payments or visiting a branch, we are on hand to support you.

We will ensure we provide you with the most up to date information, including any changes to our opening hours, on this page. Please continue to check back here for further updates.

We are paying close attention to Government and NHS guidance as it becomes available. The focus will always be on the personal safety and welfare of both our employees and our members, whilst ensuring we have relevant plans in place to minimise any disruption to our services.

Visiting your local branch

To protect our employees & members at this time, we politely ask that you do not visit our branches unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if you are well, please think twice before visiting a branch and respect the Government's social distancing guidelines.

If it is essential you visit us, please be aware that we will only allow a maximum of two customers into a branch at any one time. We also ask that you follow social distancing guidelines whilst visiting our branches to help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus. This includes leaving a 2 metre space whilst queuing and at our counters.

We are doing all we can to keep our branches open and keep any disruption to a minimum. During this time there may be periods when we are unable to fully staff our branches. Please monitor our website and social media channels to check the opening times and status of your local branch.

Update 27/03/2020 -  From Monday 30th March, we are reducing our branch opening hours to 9.00am - 3.00pm and we will only be offering basic day-to-day services. Our branches will also continue to be closed between 1.00pm-1.30pm each day. Brierley Hill branch remains closed.

Support for our borrowers

To any mortgage members concerned about meeting their mortgage repayments at this time, please read our FAQs below.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Mortgage Servicing Team on 01384 231414 or email and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your options.

Need our help?

If you have any questions at this time and would like to talk to one of our friendly team, please do not hesitate to contact us:

• Contact our Customer Services Team on 01384 231414

• Follow our social media pages for the latest news

Sadly there has already been an increase in fraudsters using Coronavirus as a front in their use of scam telephone calls, texts and emails. Please be vigilant about any messages you receive that claim to be from financial services organisations, especially if they are asking you to transfer any funds out of your accounts. They may also tell you not to inform your bank or building society for security reasons; please be aware that this is a typical trait of these kinds of scams. If you are concerned about anything, please speak to us before making any transactions

FAQs - Mortgages

How do ‘payment holidays’ work?

The mortgage repayment is deferred for a period. The monthly payment is either reduced or changes to zero, and interest accrues for the period. This may be particularly appropriate where there is a temporary shortfall of income.

Where payments are deferred for a time, the borrower will need to make up these repayments in the future, which could be over the remaining term.

We will help borrowers to find the best solution for their individual circumstances, as a payment holiday may not always be the most suitable approach and may not be required by all borrowers.

Will all customers receive an automatic three-month payment holiday?

No it is not automatically applied, you will need to contact the Mortgage Servicing Team to discuss this in more detail. We will help borrowers to find the best solution for their individual circumstances, but an automatic payment holiday may not always be the most suitable approach and may not be required by all borrowers.

How do I apply for a payment holiday?

We recognise that these are unprecedented and difficult times for our borrowers. Please contact our Mortgage Servicing Team at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss if a payment holiday is a suitable option for you.

Are all customers eligible for a payment holiday?

Payment holidays are not in the interests of everyone with a mortgage. The offer of a payment holiday can be made available to borrowers who are not already in arrears and up to date with their payments.

For borrowers who are already in arrears or in financial difficulty, lenders will consider the full range of options that are ordinarily available to customers under existing rules. We will look at borrowers’ individual circumstances and offer support on a case-by-case basis. We would encourage borrowers to speak with our Mortgage Servicing Team at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss the options available to them.

What about if I need support long term?

While the payment holiday is in effect, the capital sum of the loan remains as is, while the interest that would have been paid in the period accrues.

At the end of the payment holiday period, your normal monthly payment will re-apply. We will get in touch with you to assess your circumstances, including income and expenditure, and come to an arrangement to enable recovery through the full repayment of the arrears.

How will this affect my credit score?

We will speak to credit reference agencies to ensure customers who take a repayment holiday are treated consistently and we will make efforts to ensure that forbearance offered under these circumstances will not result in an adverse impact on your credit score subject to you maintaining any agreement you make with us.

What if I’m already in arrears?

You should continue to speak to our Mortgage Servicing Team. We will review existing arrangements if there is a change in circumstances.

FAQs - Savings & Branches

What if I’m unable to visit a branch for a cash withdrawal?

There are other ways you can access the funds in your account;

• A Faster Payment can be sent to another bank or utilities provider. Please complete a Faster Payment Form (available to download from Send this into us along with your passbook. We will ensure the withdrawal is completed as soon as possible.

• Cheques can be withdrawn made payable to yourself, providing the relevant information is provided. This will enable you, to pay funds held with us into your current account to enable easier access to your funds in the coming weeks

Please contact a member of our Customer Services Team if you would like to discuss these services in more detail.

Can I still open an account in a branch?

Yes. We’ll still be offering our full range of branch services. However, all services will be completed over the counter as interview rooms have been temporarily closed.

How much cash can I withdraw from a branch?

The maximum cash withdrawal is £500 per day.

Are my savings safe?

Yes. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is in place to make sure your balances stay safe. You’ll still be protected for up to £85,000 per person. This covers all eligible deposits in both sole or joint current or savings accounts. For more information please refer to the FSCS Information Sheet.

Supporting you through Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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