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Raising awareness of financial abuse

Ali Fellows at Financial Abuse Conference

22nd January 2019

An estimated £3.1 million is lost to financial scammers every year in the Dudley borough. As a growing financial institution, we have a key role to play in educating our members about financial scams, as well as supporting those that may fall victim to these crimes.

As well as a dedicated Risk, Compliance and Financial Crime team, the Society has implemented several other initiatives to raise awareness and help our employees support our members. Our front-line employees have received vulnerability training, we work closely with Dudley Trading Standards teams, we utilise materials from key campaigns such as Take 5 and Th!nk Jessica and we support organisations like Dementia Friends.

Our Head of Risk, Compliance & Financial Crime, Ali Fellows recently presented at the 'Shine a Light' Financial Abuse Conference, hosted by Dudley Trading Standards, at Himley Hall. She highlighted the importance of us working together with other organisations to make it harder for scammers.

Industry body UK Finance has produced an information leaflet on financial abuse awareness targeted at victims of financial abuse and their friends and families. This has been produced to work alongside the Financial Abuse Code of Practice that was published in October 2018.

Find the leaflet in the Third Party Support section on our savings page.

If you are concerned that you or a friend or family member may have been the victim of a scam, or wish to speak to someone about Financial Abuse, contact one of our team on 01384 231 414.

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