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Take Five Campaign

Take Five Campaign

15th September 2016

In 2015, £755 million was lost to financial fraud, but we can help to lower this figure by remembering one simple action – to stop and think.

That’s why the Take Five campaign – led by Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd – is encouraging the nation to do just that; to take time to stop, step back and think before they act. The campaign urges individuals to stop and consider whether the situation is genuine – to stop and think if what you’re being told really makes sense. It also reassures people to have the confidence to stop and think when faced with potential fraud.

The Society will be supporting this campaign through our Principle Office and Branch network to raise awareness across all employees and members, making a fundamental step in changing behaviours relating to fraud and scams.

For more information please ask a member of our team today on 01384 231414, or by visiting one of our branches.