USP Overview Webinar

In November 2021 we held our USP webinar, where our Business Development Manager, James Green, discussed our key criteria and Underwriter, Anna Pullen, reviewed our underwriting processes.

The webinar provides information on what makes us stand out as a specialist lender, alongside our key criteria and underwriting processes. In addition to this, you will also be able to claim this as 1 hour for your CPD.

You can view the full webinar below.

USP Overview Webinar Q&As
Can you use foreign income from an overseas property rental?

Yes, we are able to accept this type of income.

Do ex-pat applications need to be paying UK tax on their income?

No, we don't expect ex-pats to be paying UK tax.

How do you assess Company Director income?

We look at Tax returns - salary or dividends. We will consider including retained profits, but these are capped at 25%.

What are your self-build USPs?

We currently accept loans between £100,000 to £1,000,000 on self-build applications. Repayable gifts are acceptable on self-build applications, as long as they are written into the policy.

What is the minimum age you will allow at application?

The minimum age for applicants is 18.

What is your view on unusual construction properties?

This is subject to valuers comments. However, fully timber framed and timber clad properties are not considered. 

We will accept the following -

  • Craft earth techniques
  • Precast reinforced concrete, as long as they are accompanied by a repair certificate
  • Flat roofs using modern techniques
  • For felt roofs the maxiumum we will accept is 50%.

We recommend that you email us at [email protected] to check whether we can consider the construction of the property.

Will you accept foreign nationals living in the UK with pre-settled status?

We can accept as long as they are expecting to get settled status imminently and at least by application stage.

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