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AGM 2020

This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we made the decision for the safety of both our members and our employees to hold our AGM 2020 behind closed doors. This was not an easy decision to make, but we felt it was extremely important that we continued to comply with Government guidelines at this time. 

We conducted our formal AGM proceedings at our Principal Office on Thursday 16 July 2020, however, members were not invited to attend. You can find our speeches, results, minutes and Q&A's from this years AGM below:

We will be making a donation to our Charity of the Year, Dudley Mind for every vote we received. More information about this will follow. 


Even though our members did not attend our AGM this year, we still enjoyed hearing your thoughts and questions on your Society. 

  • How confident can Dudley Building Society be that, where staff are working from home, absolute attention to security at all times is afforded to valuable members personable data?

We take the security of our members data very seriously. The systems we operate are stress tested regularly. The controls and checks we have in place have increased during this period to ensure our security protocols are being followed. Only authorised personnel can access member data and we use additional security controls like two factor authentication to ensure the security of personal data. Whilst many of our employees are working from home, the majority of our operational teams are still working onsite as normal.

  • With only a few branches, how does Dudley BS see it's presence growing post Covid? 

The situation we’ve had to manage during the lock down has placed a great deal of focus on our branches. A combination of much lower footfall and having regard for employee safety caused us to reduce opening hours. As we see the restriction ease, we will consider branch opening times, but we don’t have any plans to reduce the number of branches. We are introducing an e-savings capability which will widen access for existing and new members in the near future and once the uncertainty of Coronavirus has lifted. Our mortgage business is already national and that will continue to be the case.

  • When will the branches be going back to normal opening hours?

During this time our focus is on the personal safety and welfare of both our employees and our members and with coronavirus still posing a threat for people’s health and lives, we’re continuing to operate reduced opening times in our branches.

  • Are Dudley Building Society able to offer different options to repay what has been put on a 'temporary freeze' due to COVID-19?

We’re offering a number of solutions that will help make your monthly payments more affordable. At the end of the payment holiday we will contact you to assess your circumstances and agree a manageable way for you repay the deferred payment and additional interest that has accrued. For more information about this, please contact us on 01384 231414 or visit our borrowers support page 

AGM 2020


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